Nordic ski locations in and around the Giffre Valley

The Giffre Valley and immediate surroundings have a wide range of pistes available.  These pistes have something to challenge all ability ranges, from beginner to expert.  They are at a range of altitudes, from 660m to 1840m above sea level, so there is always something available even in times of poor snow cover.


Southern Sector

Cross country skiing Giffre Valley
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The road to the Col de Joux Plane is shown as closed on road signs and satnav systems.  The road is closed immediately after the parking for the Col, 100m before the Chalet d'Accueil.  So don't worry you can still access the ski area by car.  If you are not sure about driving on mountain roads, or in February when the parking is often full, please consider using the ski bus.  The service is good and it's free.


Northern Sector

Cross Country Skiing Les Gets and Morzine
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Unfortunately, there will be a surcharge of 10 euros per session for instruction given in the northern sector, due to the additional access costs of the ski lifts.


Access to the Giffre Valley

Geneva to Giffre Valley
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The Giffre Valley is located to the east of Geneva.  One hour by road from Geneva Airport.  During the winter months the area is well served by many airport transfer services.


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